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TiO Rules:
Rule 1-There is absolutely NO GLITCHING, HACKING, MODDING, CHEATING, or SPAMMING in any way allowed. If any of these result in getting executed, the punishment is 2 strikes/4 penalties.
Rule 2-You can only pin after you have hit your first finisher and following that, after every finisher only. Roll-up pins and pin combos can be done at any time of the match.
Rule 3-You can win by submission only with a finisher/signature, but you can use submissions to wear down your opponent.
Rule 4-Cannot use any 2 submissions followed by each other.
Rule 5-After 3 performed finishers, you can win by a submission finisher/signature.
Rule 6-During the match, you cannot stay still or stall for more than 4 seconds.
Rule 7-You must get back into the farthest corner from your opponent when your opponent exits the ring and allow clean entry. But if your opponent has a weapon at hand, you may attack them.
Rule 8-On cage matches and Ladder matches, you can only climb out or reach the briefcase if you first did a minimum of two finishers, and climb out or reach the briefcase only after a performed finisher.
Rule 9-If any rule is violated you will get a penalty, except those rules that are punishable by a higher punishment.
Rule 10-Two penalties equal a strike.
Rule 11-Three strikes equal suspension from events, banishment from the league, title being stripped from you, contender match not given
Rule 12-The only way you can take a strike off is by showing us good conduct and cooperation in the league. This means, doing your matches when they are supposed to be done and following all rules.
Rule 13-No one is above the rules. Everyone in the league has to follow all rules.
Rule 15-Any match that you are not pinned or submitted with a finisher/signature is not a loss for you, except on special occasions.
Rule 16-Count outs results in loss for both parties and a match restart.
Rule 17-Only if you have an acceptable reason can you rematch with your opponent and only if both of you accept to rematch.
Rule 18-If you decide not to do a match just because you did not feel like it, you will get a penalty.
Rule 19-When officiating a match as a special referee you must be "fair".

TiO Title Holders:

TiO Title -

TiO WHC - Cash2332
TiO Ultimate Submission Specialist Title USST- xTiOxRenegade
TiO International Title - xTiOxBEASTMODE (othertag/ x 5bs of lyf x)
TiO Tv Title - 
TiO Hardcore Title - xTiOxMadHatter
TiO Cruiser weight Title - MRxAmAzInG10
TiO Tag Team Titles -
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